Call for Papers: what does the Sociological Imagination mean today?

It has been over 50 years since C. Wright Mills wrote the Sociological Imagination. In that time the world has changed beyond recognition: the Cold War ended, the Keynesian consensus broke down, a globalizing neoliberalism rose to the ascendancy and the internet began to transform human communication and culture. In recent years, with 9/11 and then the financial crisis, it seems that history has returned with a vengeance. Is Wright Mills’ notion of the ‘Sociological Imagination’ still pertinent today? How can Sociology help shed light on the rapidly transforming world around us and the consequences of these transformations for the people who inhabit it? What does the ‘Sociological Imagination’ mean today?

Short articles are invited which engage with these themes, or particular aspects of them. Submissions should be 500 – 1500 words and e-mailed as a Word document. There is no deadline for submissions.

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  1. I teach a graduate seminar in the School of Social Ecology at the Univ. of California, Irvine on Strategies of Theory Development, in which I review several issues and challenges confronting cross-disciplinary theorizing– and at the same time, I encourage students to develop their own original theoretical ideas.

    One of the most important required readings in my seminar is C. Wright Mills’ Appendix, On Intellectual Craftsmanship, included in his book, The Sociological Imagination. Many cohorts of graduate students who have taken my course have found Mills’ advice on how to cultivate and nurture conceptual imagination and creativity to be extremely valuable as they strive to identify and define new theoretical constructs; and to posit the inter-relationships among sub-types of the construct, and the links between their own construct and other related concepts.

    Here is the URL for my graduate seminar on theory development fyi:

    By the way, I have found your articles on the Sociological Imagination web site to be very thoughtful and stimulating.

    Best wishes, Dan Stokols (@dstokols on Twitter and dstokols@uci via email)

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