“You can’t be too vain to gain if you want to swim the Channel” – Karen Throsby at the SI Seminar

A couple of months ago Sociological Imagination held its first seminar on the Sociology of Sport. Given quite how few people ever want to travel to the University of Warwick (it’s a bit of a hassle and the campus is in the middle of nowhere), we decided to record the sessions and take pictures. Unfortunately audio editing is the editor’s most hated job in the world but, after eight weeks of procrastination, over the next few days we’ll be posting up the talks.

The first one is Dr Karen Throsby, who we interviewed last year,  talking about her research on channel swimming.

You can’t be too vain to gain if you want to swim the Channel”: marathon swimming, ethnography and the problem of heroic fatness

Karen Throsby during her talk on the construction of the gendered body in long-distance swimming, Warwick University, 2011 (Photo: Milena Kremakova)

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