BSA annual conference 2012 THEORY stream

The BSA annual conference will be held in Leeds in April 2012. The general theme of the conference is Sociology in an Age of Austerity. The Theory stream welcomes abstracts in all areas of theory that colleagues are currently working on.

We will also organise two themed sessions.

One on ‘mobilisation, protest and movements’ organised by Dr Ana Cecilia Dinerstein.

The second on ‘The return of religion in times of austerity’ organised by Professor Gregor McLennan.

Whether you are applying for the theory session in general, or the above-mentioned themed sessions, please make sure you apply via the BSA’s abstract route, and mark your abstract ‘for the attention of the theory group’.

For further details, please see

The deadline for submission of abstracts is just under two weeks away: 7 October 2011.


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