Steve Fuller – The Posthuman Challenge to Ecological Correctness

This is Part One of an unscripted talk presented by Steve Fuller (in his office at the University of Warwick, UK, in September 2011) as a ‘Festvideo’ (cf. Festschrift) in honour of Eugene Rosa of Washington State University, one of America’s foremost sociologists of the environment. The video appears in two parts, and centres on Rosa’s long-standing appeal to the ‘I=PAT’ formula for environmental impact. The formula is explained in this part of the talk. Many of Rosa’s papers may be found here:

This is Part Two of Fuller’s talk (see Part One for more details). This part gets more fully into the ‘posthuman challenge’, including the proposal that people may wish to ‘live fast, die young’ in the future. Thanks to Mark Carrigan for astutely observing that people may wish to achieve this state by drugs rather than fast food….

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