UCAs: Favours Rich Students – Confirmed

Ucas – The British organisation, through which applications are processed for entry to higher education, has admitted in its review that its admission process favours the rich.

In a review of university admissions published at the end of October, UCAs admits that the current system gives an unfair advantage to students attending private schools. As a general rule, pupils at private schools are encouraged to apply early ahead of the official deadline, and in the case of some courses, applying earlier increases the chances of being offered a conditional place.

As the Guardian states, the current system also assists pupils whose schools employ tutors who are very familiar with the university application process who would be confident in phoning an admissions tutor and pleading the case of a prospective student.

In response to its review, Ucas is calling for the government to make the most radical overhaul of university admissions for 50 years.

Drastic measures could include teenagers sitting their A-Levels and equivalent exams 15 days earlier and exam boards publishing results at the end of the summer term, rather than in August. Students would then apply earlier to university with their results in July.

Another measure under consideration is to have a single date on which universities tell students whether they have been offered a place with the conditions. At present, students hear from universities on different dates up to the end of March. Ucas said the proposals could be in effect by 2016.

Ucas will be consulting on the plans between now and 20 January.


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