John Snow vs Zac Goldsmith

Recent entry to parliament Zac Goldsmith (Conservative MP for Richmond and son of  billionaire financier James Goldsmith) makes a fool of himself defending allegations that he broke election financing rules. Is this strategy something a spin-doctor recommended? If so is it a sign of things to come? It’s difficult to watch this and not worry that a new wave of Fox news-esque  right-wing belligerence is going to manifest itself in the relation of British politicians to the media.

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  1. A very interesting clip Takes not answering the question to a new level! The ConDems seem to be getting good at this e,g, ‘ This is because the previous government left us in a mess/ biggest deficit ever/ did not tell us how bad things are etc! How long will the public put up with this? Cracks started to appear in last weeks question time with the heckling of the Tory Francis Maud.! We need issues addressing not just ignoring,

  2. Another striking example was Michael Gove on Radio 4 on Monday ( who literately refuses to substantively address a single question and instead attacks the BBC… Are we seeing the work of the next generation of spin doctors who have rationalised the ‘dark arts’ of Campbell et al, taking them to new heights of obfuscation and dissimulation?

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