A PhD in Comics… in Comics!

Do you remember our posts about the Dance your PhD project? Well, that was a bit of fun, but THIS here is just stunning. Nick Sousanis, PhD student at Columbia Teachers’ College, researches comics – and his thesis also uses the medium of a [very long] comic.

Sourse: Nick Sousanis visual talk, Dec. 2011 (available on his website)

A visual disclaimer

Nick studied mathematics and philosophy in undergrad, followed by an interdisciplinary MA in art and mathematics and an MA in painting, before embarking on an interdisciplinary doctorate in Education. Read more about him and his research in this interview

Download a pictorial talk from Dec. 2011

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  1. I just stumbled on this post -thanks for your kind words. The dissertation has come a long way since last year and I’m getting close to the end game. I’ve posted most of the pages plus new interviews and things on my site http://www.spinweaveandcut.com. Thanks for the support!

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