£9,000… and the costs keep rising

With the tuition fees price hike around the corner, thousands of students across the country have boycotted lectures in a campaign of action organised by the NUS. The protest is part of the NUS’s fight against the government’s higher education reforms.

The protest also aims to bring attention to the hidden costs of studying as the Guardian reports. Besides the obvious costs of going to university, students can expect to stump up the costs for anything from exam fees, Criminal Record Bureau (CRB) checks to lab coats, field trips and printing.

Critics have warns that costs such as these are inevitable and are usually disclosed by universities in their prospectuses. Nonetheless, the NUS urges for universities to provide greater transparency to students.

“We’re calling on universities and colleges to urgently commit to absorb essential costs… and provide complete transparency on all costs pre-application,” says the NUS.

Students protesting about the add-on costs included those at the University of Warwick and the King’s College London.

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