Committing Sociology rss

This will be a seminar series in 2013/2014 – watch this space!

Blind Eye Forward

How does a critical sociologist approach a troubled world? Bill Carroll, professor of sociology at the Department of Sociology, University of Victoria (Victoria, Canada), has sent us this awesome music video. The original composition, entitled “Blind Eye Forward”, is a… Read More ›

Sociology and poetry

Sitting near a lake See more than our reflections So this is sociology K.J., sociology student There is an uneasy relationship between traditional sociology and the arts, in particular openly irrational registers of writing, such as poetry. I’m not sure… Read More ›

Journeys Through Sociology

UC Berkeley have produced a great series of video interviews with former presidents and current board members of the International Sociological Association. These engaging interviews mix professional interests and personal reflections in a way that we rarely encounter within the… Read More ›

Please keep up, Sociology

How can we have a real ‘global dialogue’ in a sociological discipline that is becoming increasingly censorious and elitist? In each major publication or event we wheel out the same theorists to regurgitate the same ideas. Textbooks and monographs are… Read More ›

What is Sociology for?

But, sometimes, asking what something is ‘for’ can, if understood as an expository tactic, a starting-point rather than a ruling, be a means of helping us to clear away the discursive debris that accumulates round any widely used category. The… Read More ›