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The Politics of Data

A new series on the LSE Impact Blog, following on from the Philosophy of Data Science interview series and the Discover Society special issue on the Politics of Data (Science). Follow it in full here. Our latest series delves into the politics of data…. Read More ›


This new way of finding articles is cool. Three people sent me this link in the last few days (two mathematicians and one social scientist). It’s not new, but it is the first sign of organisation spreading beyond social scientists’… Read More ›

Digital Sociology Mini-Conference

Digital Sociology Mini-Conference In keeping with the Eastern Sociological Society’s theme of “My Day Job: Politics and Pedagogy in Academia,” the Digital Sociology Mini-Conference seeks papers that address the many digital ways of knowing, particularly as those impinge on the work we… Read More ›

What Can Data Visualisation Do?

Details below for an event on data visualisation which sounds great and is taking place as part of Sheffield universities’ ESRC Festival of Social Science. Presentations and discussion with experts and practitioners considering what data visualisations – that is, the… Read More ›

CAMRI Research Seminars Autumn 2015

CAMRI Research Seminars Autumn 2015 University of Westminster, 309 Regent Street, London W1B 2HW Graham Murdock: The Political Economy of Crisis and the Crisis of Political Economy October 15, 17:00 Registration: Movie: The Internet’s Own Boy… Read More ›

The fiction future of faculty: an afternoon of sociological design fiction

I’m organising a design fiction event in Manchester on September 16th, with James Duggan and Joseph Lindley. It’ll be great. You can register here: The ability of storytelling to help us envision and discuss a gamut of plausible futures, from… Read More ›

The politics of data science

A special issue of Discover Society I recently edited: FOCUS: The Emerging Contours of Data Science William Housley, (Cardiff University) Read More VIEWPOINT: The Politics of Data Visualisation Joanna Boehnert Read More ON THE FRONTLINE: What is the Data in Big… Read More ›

Blogging your fieldwork

Pat Thompson has written a fascinating post reflecting on her use of blogging to record field notes during an ethnographic project at the Tate summer school. She stresses the ethical challenges of such an activity – particularly the need to negotiate consent… Read More ›