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The Return of the Unabomber

Twenty years ago Theodore Kaczynski, a Harvard-trained maths prodigy obsessed with technology’s destruction of nature, was given eight consecutive life sentences for sending letter bombs in the US post which killed three people and injured 23 others. Generally known as… Read More ›

A Digital Capitalism Reading List

An initial compilation of material explicitly invoking the concept of ‘digital capitalism’: Understanding Digital Capitalism (series of articles) Digital Capitalism: Stagnation and Contention Digital capitalism produces few winners Digital Capitalism: Networking the Global Market System The Critique of Digital Capitalism Marx in the Age… Read More ›

Murmuration and Complex Systems

Watching this is enough to make me temporarily rethink my long standing hostility to ‘global brain’ speculation. It’s remarkable what beautiful order can arise in a purely aggregative way and it’s something I’ve tended not to recognise in my theorising of… Read More ›