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Review of the Critical Pedagogy Reader

Critical Pedagogy as an educational philosophy refers to education that advocates the liberation of oppressed communities through developing a critical consciousness among teachers and students so that they are able to critically interrogate the inter-relationships between culture, economics, ideology and… Read More ›

Book Review: October Birds

Have you ever been inside your local county health department? Who goes there, who works there, and what do they do there? October Birds explores a multi-disciplinary approach to understanding public health and sociological practice through social fiction. Increasingly popular with… Read More ›

New book – “Undoing property?”

Exciting-sounding (fairly) new book! Undoing property examines complex relationships inside art, culture, political economy, immaterial production, and the public realm today. In its pages artists and theorists address aspects of computing, curating, economy, ecology, gentrification, music, publishing, piracy, and much… Read More ›

The Pervert’s Guide to Ideology

The Pervert’s Guide to Ideology renews the collaboration between Sophie Fiennes and Slavoj Žižek in a film examining ideology in contemporary capitalism. It articulates itself through engagements with a whole sequence of films, interspersing original clips with striking recreations starring Žižek so… Read More ›

Why Things Matter to People

Underlying this book is a simple proposition: things matter to people. As well as the thought and interaction which have been traditional objects of the human sciences, we also evaluate – our relation to the world is one of concern. Andrew Sayer’s book is concerned with drawing… Read More ›

The Genesis of Value

The Genesis of Value by Hans Joas is a complex book which begins with a deceptively simple question: how do values and value commitments arise? It even states its answer at the outset (“values arise in experiences of self-formation and self-transcendence”)… Read More ›