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Interested in Digital Sociology?

The British Sociological Association’s new Digital Sociology group aims: To identify and disseminate best practice in the use of digital tools by sociologists. To develop and promote specifically sociological modes of inquiry into digital media use. To develop and promote… Read More ›

The dawn of Cafe Society

I have for over 40 years written in cafes. In the early 1970s I scribbled in longhand, always having a notebook and biro about me somewhere. More recently, of course, I have carried a lightweight laptop around, several books chapters… Read More ›

Reflecting on the Riots

In the first episode of the LSE British Politicast, we take a closer look at the Riots of 2011. This podcast looks back on the riots, presenting sociological and criminological perspectives on why they happened and what, if anything, can be… Read More ›