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CfP: Countercultures of Data

Call for Papers for *Philosophy and Technology*’s special issue on Countercultures of Data Guest Editor Anna Lauren Hoffmann, School of Information – University of California, Berkeley About the Issue 25 years ago, Sandra Harding—in her influential book *Whose Science? Whose… Read More ›

Data Fetishism

I find this argument from loc 270 of Rob Kitchin’s The Data Revolution extremely compelling. It reminds me of Roy Bhaskar’s argument about the fetishisation of facts from his Reclaiming Reality. This is what Kitchin says: Moreover, just as we think… Read More ›

The Politics of Data

A new series on the LSE Impact Blog, following on from the Philosophy of Data Science interview series and the Discover Society special issue on the Politics of Data (Science). Follow it in full here. Our latest series delves into the politics of data…. Read More ›

What Can Data Visualisation Do?

Details below for an event on data visualisation which sounds great and is taking place as part of Sheffield universities’ ESRC Festival of Social Science. Presentations and discussion with experts and practitioners considering what data visualisations – that is, the… Read More ›

Big data philanthropy

This recent article in the New Yorker introduces a new counselling service, based in New York, which uses text messages a point of contact for young people experiencing crisis. It’s an intriguing discussion of changing generational norms regarding communication, offering a rich… Read More ›

Our Currency is Information

The digital age has profoundly transformed the way people find and share information. The Internet is enabling collaboration between activists, hackers and journalists on an unprecedented scale. This has led to previously unimaginable possibilities in investigative reporting.  People are newly… Read More ›