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Welcome to Mediated Matters, a regular weekly column series by Casey Brienza on the sociology of the media and culture. New installments are posted on Monday.

The Hypnotic Inanity of Donald Trump

I just surprised myself by sitting through this entire 40 minute compilation of Donald Trump’s insults during the Republican primaries: I found them weirdly hypnotic, albeit intellectually deadening. Perhaps this explains the strange quality of Trump’s speech?

CfP: (Dis)empowering technologies

“TransMissions: Journal of Film and Media Studies”, new online academic journal affiliated at the Jagiellonian University, Poland announced its first CfP: (Dis)empowering technologies. The main areas of our interests are: –  social movement activism –  ethnic, national and religion minorities… Read More ›

The history of Netflix

This talk by the CEO of Netflix is interesting for many reasons. But one more oblique one which struck me was how he describes his career in gladiatorial terms. His initial pronouncement that luck is the main part of commercial… Read More ›

Privacy in a Digital Age

In this interesting debate from the the “outspoken philosopher of science” Steve Fuller (also SI blogger and Warwick sociologist) debates Cory Doctorow and Kate Russell on the meaning of privacy in contemporary society. I’m pretty hostile to Fuller’s argument here but there’s some… Read More ›

Listening to Wikipedia

What does Wikipedia sound like? It probably never occurred to you to ask that question. But this website provides an answer. There’s a description below the image of the meanings of the sounds used. I really like this project. What can initially… Read More ›