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Engaged Academia Online

The Really Open University The Really Open University exists everywhere, it will not be a one-off event, but an ongoing process. It will be non-hierarchical, making a start at breaking down traditional student-teacher dichotomies. We wish to engage with other… Read More ›

The inverse power of praise

Nathaniel Branden’s 1969 book The Psychology of Self-Esteem paved the way for the overpraising which characterises both contemporary education and parenting: …the belief that one must do whatever he can to achieve positive self-esteem has become a movement with broad… Read More ›

Call for interviews

Plans are currently in motion to bring a number of interviews to the Sociological Imagination over the next few months. However we’d like you to help us bring an ever wider selection of interviews to the website. If there’s anyone you’d… Read More ›