Public Sociology

Compiled by Albert Tzeng, formerly of the University of Warwick, now holding a postdoc fellowship provided jointly by International Institute for Asian Studies (IIAS) in Leiden and the Institute of Southeast Asian Studies (ISEAS) in Singapore

Public Sociology Bibliography:


The 1988 ASA Presidential Address by Herbert J Gans

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Available at

ASA (2008). A symposium on public sociology : Looking back and forward, American Sociological Association.

BOOKS on Public Sociology

Agger, Ben (2001, 2007). Public Sociology: From Social Facts to Literary Acts. Lanham, MD: Rowman & Littlefield Publishers.

First published before ‘public sociology’ popularized and therefore not written with Burawoy’s conceptualization in mind. This book is a critique of the writing style of professional sociologists (under the scientific aura) which made it inaccessible to the public reader. Ironically, the book itself was criticized by its own extensive use of postmodern terminology.

Blau, J. R. and K. E. Iyall Smith (2006). Public sociologies reader. Lanham, Md., Rowman & Littlefield.

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About everything commendable about the idea of Burawoy

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Earlier Books Relevant to the Sociology-Public Link

Merton, R. K. (1972). Varieties of political expression in sociology. An american journal of sociology publication. Essays by robert k. Merton [and others], etc. Chicago & London, University of Chicago Press.

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Social Problem

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Why Don’t They Listen to Us? Fashion Notes on the Imperial Wardrobe Joel Best


Social Force

82 (4), 2004, Commentaries & Debate

Introduction to a Debate on Public Sociologies Catherine Zimmer

Public Sociologies: Contradictions, Dilemmas, and Possibilities Michael Burawoy

The Vacant “We”: Remarks on Public Sociology François Nielsen

Why Public Sociology May Fail David Brady

The Arrogance of Public Sociology Charles R. Tittle


Critical Sociology

31(3), 2005

Michael Burawoy

The Critical Turn to Public Sociology
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Joan Acker

Comments on Burawoy on Public Sociology
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Michael Burawoy

Rejoinder: Toward a Critical Public Sociology
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American Sociologist

36 (3-4), 2005. A Conversation about “Public Sociology”

Editor’s introduction: A conversation about “public sociology” Lawrence T. Nichols PDF 3-4
Reflections on public sociology: Public relations, disciplinary identity, and the strong program in professional sociology David Boyns, Jesse Fletcher PDF 5-26
”Is public sociology such a good idea?” Jonathan H. Turner PDF 27-45
Guide for the perplexed: On Michael Burawoy’s “public sociology” Steven Brint PDF 46-65
Pitirim A. Sorokin’s integralism and public sociology Vincent Jeffries PDF 66-87
Social gerontology as public sociology in action Norella M. Putney, Dawn E. Alley, Vern L. Bengtson PDF (1.4 MB) 88-104
Working with the labor movement: A personal journey in organic public sociology Edna Bonacich PDF 105-120
Global public social science Christopher Chase-Dunn PDF 121-132
Why sociology does not need to be saved: Analytic reflections on public sociologies Neil McLaughlin, Lisa Kowalchuk, Kerry Turcotte PDF 133-151
Third-wave sociology and the end of pure science Michael Burawoy PDF 152-165


37(2), 2006. The Possibilities of Sociological Knowledge

Editor’s introduction: The possibilities of sociological knowledge Lawrence T. Nichols PDF 3-5
The nature of sociological knowledge Bruce Keith PDF 6-14
American sociology in chaos: Differentiation without integration Jonathan H. Turner PDF 15-29
Sociology as a historical science Elisabeth S. Clemens PDF (800.5 KB) 30-40
Disciplinary knowledge revisited: The social construction of sociology Stephen Cole PDF 41-56
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38(3), 2007. Public Engagement and Hope

Editor’s Introduction: Public Engagement and Hope Lawrence T. Nichols PDF HTML221-222
Breaking Out of Academic Isolation: The Media Odyssey of a Sociologist Steven M. Ortiz PDF (322.7 KB) HTML 223-249
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40 (4) Public Sociology: Problematics, Publicity and Possibilities

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A Nobel Trinity: Jane Addams, Emily Greene Balch and Alva Myrdal Barbara A. Misztal PDF (275.0 KB) HTML 332-353



British Journal of Sociology

56 (2), 2005 Continuing the public sociology debate

Continuing the public sociology debate – Editor’s preface Bridget Hutter

2004 ASA Presidential address: For public sociology Michael Burawoy

56 (3), 2005 Continuing the public sociologies debate – replies to Michael Burawoy

Foreword Bridget M Hutter

How not to become a museum piece Ulrich Beck

For public social science John Braithwaite

The promise of public sociology Craig Calhoun

Publicizing sociology Richard Ericson

Bookmarks for public sociologists Amitai Etzioni

A guarded welcome John A Hall

Comments on Michael Burawoy’s ASA Presidential Address Christine Inglis

What is ‘public sociology’? Why and how should it be made stronger? Ragnvald Kalleberg

Four sociologies, multiple roles Stella R Quah

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Response: Public sociology: populist fad or path to renewal? Michael Burawoy

57 (2), 2006 Debate on British sociology and public intellectuals

British sociology and public intellectuals: consumer society and imperial decline Bryan S Turner

Replies to Bryan S Turner

The intellectuals and capitalism Philippe Fontaine

Comments on Turner David Frisby

Notes towards a renaissance in British sociology: a response to Turner Steve Fuller

The racial threat Patricia Hill Collins

Who’s a public intellectual? George Ritzer

Comment on Bryan S Turner, ‘British sociology and public intellectuals: consumer society and imperial decline’ Neil Smelser

Sociology- the BSA Journal

41 (5), 2007

John Holmwood and Sue Scott

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Stephen Turner

Public Sociology and Democratic Theory
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Towards Postsecular Sociology?
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Canadian Journal of Sociology

34(3), 2009


Public Sociology in Canada: Debates, Research and Historical Context Abstract PDF
Rick Helmes-Hayes, Neil Mclaughlin 573-600
Rethinking Burawoy: Reflections from Canadian Feminist Sociology Abstract PDF
Gillian Creese, Arlene Tigar McLaren, Jane Pulkingham 601-622
Drifting Apart? The Institutional Dynamics Awaiting Public Sociology in Canada Abstract PDF
Scott Davies 623-654
Professional, Critical, Policy, and Public Academics in Canada Abstract PDF
Robert Joseph Brym, M. Reza Nakhaie 655-670
What Do ‘We’ Know That ‘They’ Don’t? Sociologists’ versus Non-Sociologists’ Knowledge Abstract PDF
Anne Mesny 671-696
Mapping the Social Space of Opinion: Public Sociology and the Op-Ed in Canada Abstract PDF
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Public Sociology in Print: A Comparative Analysis of Book Publishing in Three Social Science Disciplines Abstract PDF
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Avi Goldberg, Axel van den Berg 765-802
The Three Axes of Sociological Practice: The Case of French Quebec Abstract PDF
Jean-Philippe Warren 803-830
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Michael Burawoy 869-886


Society in Transition- Journal of the South African Sociological Association 35(1), 35 (2) 2004


Sotsiologicheskie Issledovaniya (Russuan) 35(4), 2009


Contemporary Sociology- a Journal of Reviews

37 (6), 2008 A Symposium on Public Sociology

Valerie Jenness, David A. Smith, and Judith Stepan-Norris

Editors’ Note: Public Sociology: Looking Back and Forward
Contemporary Sociology: A Journal of Reviews 2008 37: ix-x. [PDF]

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Whither Public Sociology?
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The Contested Territory of Public Sociology
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A Better World. Possible? But of Course!
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In Search of a Public Environmental Sociology: Ecological Risks in the Twenty-First Century
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Creating Sociological Awareness: Public and Applied Sociology
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Current Sociology 56 (3), 2008


Dennis Smith

Editorial: Beyond Greed, Fear and Anger
Current Sociology 2008 56: 347-350. [PDF]

Michael Burawoy

What is to be Done?: Theses on the Degradation of Social Existence in a Globalizing World
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Sociology in Political Practice and Public Discourse
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Globalization, Degradation and the Dynamics of Humiliation
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Some Considerations after Reading Michael Burawoy’s Article: `What is to be Done? Theses on the Degradation of Social Existence in a Globalizing World’
Current Sociology 2008 56: 381-388. [Abstract] [PDF]

Adam Habib

Speaking `Truth’ to All Forms of Power: Reflections on the Role of the Public Sociologist in South Africa
Current Sociology 2008 56: 389-398. [Abstract] [PDF]

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Strong and Weak Intervention: Two Pathways for Sociological Intervention
Current Sociology 2008 56: 399-404. [Abstract] [PDF]

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`Make Way for Professional Sociology!’: Public Sociology in the Russian Context
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Ruy Braga, Sylvia Gemignani Garcia, and Leonardo Mello e Silva

Public Sociology and Social Engagement: Considerations on Brazil
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Amita Baviskar

Pedagogy, Public Sociology and Politics in India: What is to be Done?
Current Sociology 2008 56: 425-433. [Abstract] [PDF]

Michael Burawoy

Rejoinder: For a Subaltern Global Sociology?
Current Sociology 2008 56: 435-444. [Abstract] [PDF]


Labour & Industry 19(1-2), 2008


Work and Occupation 36 (2), 2009

Michael Burawoy

The Global Turn: Lessons From Southern Labor Scholars and Their Labor Movements
Work and Occupations 2009 36: 87-95. [Abstract] [PDF]

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Brazil: The Swinging Pendulum Between Labor Sociology and Labor Movement
Work and Occupations 2009 36: 96-109. [Abstract] [PDF]

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China: The Paradox and Possibility of a Public Sociology of Labor
Work and Occupations 2009 36: 110-125. [Abstract] [PDF]

Sharit K. Bhowmik

India: Labor Sociology Searching for a Direction
Work and Occupations 2009 36: 126-144. [Abstract] [PDF]

Sakhela Buhlungu

South Africa: The Decline of Labor Studies and the Democratic Transition
Work and Occupations 2009 36: 145-161. [Abstract] [PDF]

Soon-Kyoung Cho

South Korea: Toward a Collective Public Sociology of Labor
Work and Occupations 2009 36: 162-176. [Abstract] [PDF]


Other notable Journal articles

Vaughan, D. (2006). “NASA revisited: Theory, analogy, and public sociology.” American Journal of Sociology 112(2): 353-393. – an interesting case study of how sociological expertise is negotiated in the process of being communicated via wider readers

Keith, M. (2008). “Public sociology? Between heroic immersion and critical distance: Personal reflections on academic engagement with political life.” Critical Social Policy 28(3): 320-334.

Gans, H. J. (2010). “Public ethnography; ethnography as public sociology.” Qualitative Sociology 33(1): 97-104.


Entry ‘Public Sociology’ on Wikipedia

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