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Walking Life

Walking Life (2001) is a live-action rotoscoped film, directed by Richard Linklater. It won’t answer all your questions about the meaning of life, but it will prompt you to ask even more.

The Persistence of Print

Starting today the 28 March 2011, the New York Times will go behind a paywall, following The Times, The Economist, Financial Times, and other subscription-based print periodicals with an online co-presence. For those who choose not to subscribe, access will… Read More ›

Rape Culture

`What is the rape culture? What are its borders? What does it look like and sound like and feel like?’ Melissa McEwan, founder and co-author of the award-winning political and cultural group blog Shakespeareville, explains. Click on link to read… Read More ›

Media Do Matter

Do you check your email before brushing your teeth in the morning? I must confess that I do, a habit I acquired as an undergraduate whose computer was nearer to her bed than the shared facilities down the hall. On… Read More ›

Paracetamol for social pain?

This recent (June 2010) article hypothesises that both physical and social pain ‘may rely on some of the same behavioral and neural mechanisms that register pain-related affect.’: Acetaminophen Reduces Social Pain: Behavioral and Neural Evidence In the language of practice,… Read More ›