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Time Management Tips for Academics

Inspired by this Guardian article, we asked followers on Twitter and Facebook what time management tips they had for other academics. These are some of the responses we received: use this. its very good. (@OutstandingSEM)  Zotero, pomodoro’s, task lists, coffee… Read More ›

Unfinished London

This is the story of a town-planning cock-up known as the Northern Heights Plan which, if completed, would have meant miles of extra houses and tube stations to the North West of London. Produced by Jay Foreman and Paul Kendler.

One Story High

One Story High is a collection of very short sociological biographies I curated and edited for the on-line journal Fast Capitalism late in 2009, featuring the work of novelist and literary critic Amitava Kumar, anthropologist Katie Stewart and filmmaker John Cohen… Read More ›

“Members of the ‘Golden Dawn’ passing in the street”: The emergence of far right extremism and the elections of the 6th of May in Greece

The Greek MYPLACE team at Panteion University Of Social And Political Sciences on the forthcoming Greek elections and the emergence of the extreme right “Golden Dawn.” This was originally posted on the MYPLACE blog. Follow MYPLACE on Twitter here. For more information on the MYPLACE project, visit… Read More ›