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Sociology is a Martial Art

SOCIOLOGY IS A MARTIAL ART, a new documentary about Bourdieu’s life, became an unexpected hit in France just prior to his death. Filmed over three years, director Pierre Carles’ camera follows Bourdieu as he lectures, attends political rallies, travels, meets… Read More ›

Just not that into you

New Faculty Majority Board Member Jack Longmate, writing in the NFM blog this week, thinks that there are fresh signs of “potential for traction in public policy thinking” in relation to the conditions faced by academics working off the career track… Read More ›

The Conspiracy Conspiracy?

Away from the gaze of mainstream media and politics, there is a vibrant subculture which holds these very institutions responsible for the most heinous acts of brutality and deceit. It is political movement that, in size, likely dwarfs anything that… Read More ›