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Chomsky vs. Foucault

We suspect many readers will have already seen this video, recorded at a 1991 debate between Michel Foucault and Noam Chomsky. But if you haven’t then you’re in for a treat: two of the finest radical minds of the 20th century… Read More ›

Get on the way, Pussy Riot!

This article was originally posted on the MYPLACE blog. The MYPLACE blog first reported on ”Pussy Riot’s” anti-Putin punk prayer protest, in March. Now, as 3 members of the group have been sentenced to 2 years imprisonment for “hooliganism,” the University of Warwick’s Dr Ivan Gololobov writes on… Read More ›

The Nature of Cities

For me, good urban sociology reminds us that cities are small, intimate things that won’t be around forever. They might seem vast and tall and solid and permanent, but they’re not. Cities are living, breathing organic matter, like a flower… Read More ›

The Libertarian Con?

Warning: if you regard yourself as a ‘libertarian’, in the American sense of the term, it might be best if you avoid reading this strident critique of the role libertarianism is coming to play in contemporary political culture. But we’re… Read More ›