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Justice, Genes & Welfare

Justice, Genes & Welfare: Are Intergenerational Relationships Toxic? A joint BSA Families and Relationship Study Group and Youth Study Group Event Keyworth Centre, London South Bank University Thursday 28 November 2013 Intergenerational relations increasingly seem to be called into question… Read More ›

Please keep up, Sociology

How can we have a real ‘global dialogue’ in a sociological discipline that is becoming increasingly censorious and elitist? In each major publication or event we wheel out the same theorists to regurgitate the same ideas. Textbooks and monographs are… Read More ›

The New Social-ism

The New Social-ism What is valuable, visible & knowable in the emerging social economy? A one-day conference hosted by Centre for Interdisciplinary Methodologies 10am-6pm, 11th December 2013 Room MS.03, University of Warwick Appeals to the ‘social’ today are everywhere: ‘social enterprise’, ‘social media’, ‘social… Read More ›

The Pervert’s Guide to Ideology

The Pervert’s Guide to Ideology renews the collaboration between Sophie Fiennes and Slavoj Žižek in a film examining ideology in contemporary capitalism. It articulates itself through engagements with a whole sequence of films, interspersing original clips with striking recreations starring Žižek so… Read More ›

Why Things Matter to People

Underlying this book is a simple proposition: things matter to people. As well as the thought and interaction which have been traditional objects of the human sciences, we also evaluate – our relation to the world is one of concern. Andrew Sayer’s book is concerned with drawing… Read More ›

Deadline TOMORROW – CfP BSA 2014

BSA Annual Conference 2014: Changing Society   Call for Papers  Theory Stream Submissions This stream welcomes abstracts on any aspect of theory as well as abstracts for the following Study Groups: · Bourdieu · Historical and Comparative Sociology · Realism and Social Research · Weber The Realism and Social Research group would also like to invite abstracts under the theme “What is Realism for?” The group is particularly interested in papers that consider any of the following issues: The relevance of realist theory to substantive social, economic and political issues. The practical implications of methodologically operationalising different forms of realist thought. Those from other schools of thought who wish to engage critically in a dialogue with realist theory. How to submit  All abstracts and proposals for other events can be submitted online at:‐annual‐ conference/submissions.aspx The deadline for submission of abstracts is 18th October 2013.    For further information contact the Theory stream coordinators: Gurminder K Bhambra E: Tom Brock E: Alternatively, contact the BSA Events Team E: