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CAMRI Research Seminars Autumn 2015

CAMRI Research Seminars Autumn 2015 University of Westminster, 309 Regent Street, London W1B 2HW Graham Murdock: The Political Economy of Crisis and the Crisis of Political Economy October 15, 17:00 Registration: Movie: The Internet’s Own Boy… Read More ›

The fiction future of faculty: an afternoon of sociological design fiction

I’m organising a design fiction event in Manchester on September 16th, with James Duggan and Joseph Lindley. It’ll be great. You can register here: The ability of storytelling to help us envision and discuss a gamut of plausible futures, from… Read More ›

The politics of data science

A special issue of Discover Society I recently edited: FOCUS: The Emerging Contours of Data Science William Housley, (Cardiff University) Read More VIEWPOINT: The Politics of Data Visualisation Joanna Boehnert Read More ON THE FRONTLINE: What is the Data in Big… Read More ›

Blogging as an outboard brain

This superb post by Cory Doctorow, novelist and editor of Boing Boing, offers a philosophy of blogging extremely similar to what I’ve described in the past as continuous publishing. I really identify with what he’s saying here and it goes some way to explaining why… Read More ›