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The Spook Who Sat By The Door

By Hamish Robertson This year has seen an extraordinary upswing in revelations about the kinds of violence that are seemingly endemic in American society. In particular, the persistence of an often deadly mixture of readily accessible weapons and prevailing racism,… Read More ›

CfP: The Accelerated Academy

30th November to 2nd December 2016, Leiden, the Netherlands From the 1980s onward, there has been an unprecedented growth of institutions and procedures for auditing and evaluating university research. Quantitative indicators are now widely used from the level of individual… Read More ›

The Myth of Elite Cosmopolitanism

A rapidly developing discourse which contrasts elite cosmopolitanism with insular populism should be treated more critically than is being done so at present. This interesting article by Ross Douthat takes issue with this supposed cosmpolitanism: Genuine cosmopolitanism is a rare thing. It requires comfort… Read More ›