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This Week: Cities and the Political Imagination

Keynote Speaker: Rivke Jaffe (University of Amsterdam) The Manchester Museum Friday 28th April 2017 17.45-20.00, followed by wine reception at 20.00 Register here: Cities and the Political Imagination How can we recognize the political in the city? How might social scientists… Read More ›

After Positivism

In this talk where he discusses previous presentations, Professor Daniel Little talks about what should come after positivism for social sciences. He argues that social sciences have suffered heavily from the twin pillars of positivism and naturalism. The question that… Read More ›

What is ‘Fake News’?

What we are seeing with the growth of ‘fake news’ is perhaps the weaponisation of epistemology. In other words, ‘fake news’ as a construct is becoming a discursive component of our repertoire of contention. Far from entering a post-truth era, we… Read More ›

Queer Circuits in Archival Times

*QUEER CIRCUITS IN ARCHIVAL TIMES: PERFORMANCE, NETWORKED DATA, DIGITAL CULTURE <>* *Guest Editors*: *Benjamin Haber*, PhD Candidate Sociology, Graduate Center, CUNY + *Daniel J Sander*, PhD Candidate Performance Studies, NYU *Submission Deadline: June 1st 2017* We live in an increasingly… Read More ›

The cultural significance of blogging

In his Uberworked and Underpaid, Trebor Scholz offers an important reflection on the cultural significance of blogging. While its uptake has been exaggerated, dependent upon questionable assumptions concerning the relationship between users and blogs, it nonetheless represents a transformation of… Read More ›

Marketing the Digital University

In the excellent Lower Ed, Tressie McMillan Cottom reflects on the market-orientation of for-profit colleges, tending to seek a continual growth in student numbers. This growth imperative can manifest itself in marketing and recruitment outstripping teaching in institutional spending. From pg… Read More ›