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Big Data and New Skills

A panel on the challenge of big data which took place at the International Sociological Association’s Logic & Methodologies conference. Bringing together a panel of academic experts, this event calls upon the panelists to discuss the challenges and opportunities facing research… Read More ›

Only a few days left! Digital Methodologies – Beyond Big & Small Data

Digital Methodologies: Beyond Big & Small Data 9th International Conference on Social Science Methodology (RC33) September 11th – 16th, 2016, University of Leicester (http://www.le.ac.uk/) Session Organizer Christian Bokhove, University of Southampton, United Kingdom, C.Bokhove@soton.ac.uk Mark Carrigan, University of Warwick, United Kingdom, mark@markcarrigan.net… Read More ›

What Can Data Visualisation Do?

Details below for an event on data visualisation which sounds great and is taking place as part of Sheffield universities’ ESRC Festival of Social Science. Presentations and discussion with experts and practitioners considering what data visualisations – that is, the… Read More ›

Normcore and the Anxieties of Big Data

This essay by Kate Crawford (from Microsoft Research) at the New Inquiry explores the relationship between big data, the anxieties it provokes and normcore (“Having mastered difference, the truly cool attempt to master sameness”). If one accepts her contention that normcore reflects “the dispersed anxiety of… Read More ›