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The Psychology of Writing

This typically fascinating post on BrainPickings reflects on the psychology of writing and its implications for the notion that a fixed writing routine is most conducive to creativity and productivity. The argument certainly seems plausible yet I remain ambivalent about… Read More ›

Improvisation in academic life

I really like Steve Fuller’s arguments about ‘improvisation’. He rehearsed them yesterday in a post for Sociological Imagination about the originality of conference keynotes: For about ten years now, I’ve been arguing about the benefits of improvisational performance in academia, not simply… Read More ›

Howard Becker on the Craft of Sociology

This great podcast is from an event at Goldsmiths a few years ago. It’s introduced by Les Back and the talk covers a lot of ground. The video below shows Howard Becker engaged in a different craft. http://magiclantern.gold.ac.uk/movs/sociology/howie-the-craft-sociology.mp3

What are conferences for?

Heidegger thought that scholars should simply trade questions, but that would include the speaker first and foremost. I have watched conference presentations for more than three decades and never has a speaker offered a “new approach” that was in fact… Read More ›