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The Lure of Minimalism

What is ‘lifestyle minimalism’? To a certain extent it depends upon whom you ask. It’s often talked about as a ‘tool’ to live a simpler and more meaningful life. It’s often framed in terms of reducing ‘stuff’ through sometimes extremely rigid… Read More ›

Coping with Acceleration

I wrote recently about cognitive triage in higher education and its ramifications for personal reflexivity. My claim is that an inflation of situational demands leads subjects to prioritise the urgent, moving immediately from one necessity to another, in a way which crowds… Read More ›

The agency moment

This thoughtful New York Times column by David Brooks reflects on what he terms “the agency moment”: I’ve been thinking about moments of agency of this sort because often you see people who lack full agency. Sometimes you see lack… Read More ›

Time and Reflexivity

In Margaret Archer’s work on Reflexivity, this faculty is seen as mediating between structure and agency. Our capacity to ‘bend back’ upon ourselves, considering our circumstances in light of our commitments and vice versa, constitutes the point at which structural… Read More ›

Graham Scambler on an interdisciplinary approach to the ‘structuring of agency’ – November 11th @SocioWarwick

In the third Centre for Social Ontology seminar of 2014/15, Graham Scambler (Emeritus Professor of Medical Sociology at UCL) discusses reflexivity and an interdisciplinary approach to the ‘structuring of agency’: Margaret Archer’s recent contributions to our understanding of reflexivity in late capitalist society provide… Read More ›