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The fortress city scenario

A disturbing scenario from John Urry’s What is the Future? From loc 2996-3045: The final scenario involves the development of the Fortress City. Rich societies break away from the poorer into fortified enclaves. Those able to live in gated and… Read More ›

Darwin’s Dilemma

• Science is the epitome of human achievement, whereby we distinguish ourselves most clearly from other animals. • Yet, our best science says that our sense of superiority from other animals is false and quite possibly self-deception. • Either we… Read More ›

Reclaiming Utopia

Reclaiming Utopia Challenging the Financial Imagination November 25, 2016 at King’s College London. It was organized by Aris Komporozos-Athanasiou with the support of King’s College London’s Doctoral Training Centre and Utopia 2016, a collaboration with Somerset House and the Courtauld… Read More ›