BREAKING NEWS: Social Science Faculty at Humboldt-University Berlin occupied!

Well, this is not breaking news. The occupation of the Social Science Faculty of the HU-Berlin started last Wednesday, 18 January, but I only found out about it today.

Although I work in an institute which is part of the HU, no one mentioned it. I have not read anything in the news.

So today at noon I wandered into the main building of the University to a attend a seminar given as part of the Science and Education Policy Masters programme.

The students are protesting against the university president’s decision to dismiss of Andrej Holm, lecturer of urban and regional sociology, and well-known political activist who has protested against the gentrification of Berlin. He was recently appointed Minister for urban development and housing for the State of Berlin, but it turned out that he had been linked to the Stasi, the East German Secret Police, as a teenager. He resigned as Minister, but the university also decided to dismiss him, citing as a reason the fact that when he applied for the position of lecturer in 2005 he had lied by omission, by not mentioning his involvement with the Stasi in his application form. He – and the students, as well as over 350 academics and housing campaigners – argue that this dismissal is a political decision.

The few English newsitems talk about the scandal but the occupation of the university is very oddly not mentioned anywhere that Google can find!

Here is a link to the alternative curriculum. The occupation is going to continue indefinitely.

Links to news in German:


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