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First as tragedy, then as farce

An RSA animate video presenting a recent lecture by iconclastic Slovenian philosopher Slavoj Žižek. It’s an accessible introduction to the area he’s worked in recently (particularly in first as tragedy, then as farce) for those unfamiliar with Žižek and an entertaining distillation… Read More ›

Continuous Partial Attention

A fascinating article by Linda Stone on the psychological impact of technological abundance: “In the case of continuous partial attention, we’re motivated by a desire not to miss anything.  We’re engaged in two activities that both demand cognition.  We’re talking on the phone… Read More ›

Car Boot Sale

In this episode, a sneaky ethnographer of East European origin embarks on a quest to deconstruct one of Britain’s informal institutions: The Local Bank Holiday Sunday Car Boot Sale. Below are her unabridged and unabashed field-notes. Rather than participant observation, this… Read More ›

Call for Interviews

Plans are currently in motion to bring a number of interviews to the Sociological Imagination over the next few months. However we’d like you to help us bring an ever wider selection of interviews to the website. If there’s anyone you’d… Read More ›