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The Social Science Centre

A couple of months ago Steve Fuller posted here about a radical educational project based in Lincoln. The Social Science Centre (SSC) is a not-for-profit co-operative university which will offer a participatory and co-operative education in the social sciences, at… Read More ›

The Future of WikiLeaks?

A fascinating talk by Evgeny Morozov who describes WikiLeaks as being driven by a mix of cyber utopianism and political romanticism. If you find this discussion interesting then check out the animated version.

Egotism & Society

What makes our society function? What ties hold us together? These questions have assumed greater importance in a post-modern, morally relative era, an era in which everyone’s beliefs can seem wildly different. At the same time, we find ourselves witnessing… Read More ›

The Anarchist Film Archive

As political theories go, it’s fair to say that anarchism is more misunderstood than most. Often seen as the preserve of nihilistic terrorists, there’s actually a rich vein of anarchist social thought. There’s also an equally rich social and political… Read More ›

Straight men kissing more?

An interesting Guardian article which talks to the sociologist Eric Anderson about the decline of homophobia amongst young people in Britain. His findings are rather interesting to say the least: “I started going through my students’ Facebook profiles, with their… Read More ›