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Where Children Sleep

Photographer James Mollison did a stunning exhibition, James and Other Apes, at the Herbert gallery in Coventry last year.  He has also photographed rock fans to demonstrate the idea that music fandom creates a quasi-familial community. His newest project is an… Read More ›

Paradise At Home

Dear Dr. Sprenger, Thank you so much for your article Home Goings on The Sociological Imagination. As a sociologist who left her home in West Virginia many years ago, I have always carried the feeling of being misplaced or unsettled…. Read More ›

Home Goings

So entrenched in our most intimate yearnings, home often seems as if it were some universal truth, like it says in all those sayings, home is where the heart is, home is where you hang your hat, you would be… Read More ›


In this instalment of the wonderful RSA Animate series, Renata Salecl talks about the dynamics of choice in modern societies. The Idle Ethnographer talked about this a few months ago and it’s a fascinating issue – the structural, cultural and personal aspects of choosing… Read More ›

The real naked bodies

In this video, Jennette Williams, winner of the 2008 CDS/Honickman First Book Prize in Photography, tells the story of making the photographs in her book “The Bathers,”. Jennette Williams: “The Bathers” from Center for Documentary Studies on Vimeo.

The Opposite of Crush

Once, in my Introductory Sociology course, I gave a lecture about social oppression. It was fairly abstract. I didn’t talk about any specific kind of social oppression, like gender oppression or racial oppression or sexual oppression. I just talked about… Read More ›