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Talker’s Block

Do you ever get talker’s block? No, we don’t either. This entirely obvious and largely ignored state of affairs is perhaps more significant than you might think. In a recent article the marketing guru Seth Godin makes a rather plausible… Read More ›

The SI Top 10

It’s been almost a year of half since we started Sociological Imagination and given how many posts we’ve done since then, we thought it was a good idea to round up the ones that proved most popular. Here’s the top… Read More ›

The Paradox of Sociology

In this essay, Wolfgang Streeck, recounts an experience of being at an international social science conference a few years where Michael Burawoy issued his famous call for ‘public sociology‘. Streeck recalls being struck by the paradoxical situation faced by sociologists… Read More ›

Performativity and Poses

Here’s some amazing work from photographer Rion Sabean: men-ups! What the series does is self-explanatory and yet simultaneously profound. Any readers teaching Judith Butler this year? If so this gallery of images might come in handy.