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Moral behaviour in animals

In this talk the primatologist Frans de Waal explains the transition underway from a tendency to construe animal behaviour (including the human animal) in terms of competition, aggression and domination to a new understanding of a pervasive capacity for cooperation and empathy. It’s… Read More ›

CfP: Tensions of Rhetorics and Realities in Critical Diversities

Call for Papers Tensions of Rhetorics and Realities in Critical Diversities Edited by Alexa Athelstan, Nichole Edwards, Mercedes Pöll & Sanaz Raji (University of Leeds) Website: Email: We warmly invite your contributions to our edited collection entitled Tensions of Rhetorics… Read More ›

Lost in London

“Lost in London” is a film by Michael Smith and Wojciech Duczmal, who’ve collaborated on many documentaries for the BBC over the years. It develops further their idea of the lyrical essay-film, or documentary-poem. Inspired by Baudelaire’s idea of the… Read More ›

Can Human Action Be Explained?

If you find Charles Taylor interesting, there’s another lecture and a link to introductory resources available here. If you don’t find Charles Taylor interesting then apologies in advance for the profusion of philosophers and theorists who will be featuring on… Read More ›