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The Sociological Craft Project

In the appendix to Sociological Imagination, entitled On Intellectual Craftsmanship, C. Wright Mills advocates keeping a file or journal within which to record your ideas. He argues that doing so: encourages you to capture ‘fringe-thoughts’: various ideas which may be by-products… Read More ›

Interested in Digital Sociology?

The British Sociological Association’s new Digital Sociology group aims: To identify and disseminate best practice in the use of digital tools by sociologists. To develop and promote specifically sociological modes of inquiry into digital media use. To develop and promote… Read More ›

A quick thought about Jiscmail

Do you administer a JISCMail? I administer two: asexuality-discuss and socialmedia-discuss. Though I’m bad at administering them and, partly for this reason, nothing much happens on them. This is a shame because my initial motivation still stands: I thought there was inadequate dialogue… Read More ›

Twitter for academics

What’s the point of Twitter? Twitter has an image problem. It first penetrated the public consciousness in a way which has left it defined by celebrities and, particularly for academics, this is unattractive. However the academic twittersphere (for lack of a better… Read More ›

Academia 2.0

Do ‘prestigious’ journals make academics lazy? An unlikely parallel with the art world Training, teaching or empowering people with social media? A case study of a university’s digital strategy Podcast with Martin Eve about Open Source Academic Publishing The ‘prestige’ of journals in… Read More ›