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We-First Capitalism?

As much as it’s easy to be cynical about former advertising executives who have mid life crises and then begin to express lofty social concerns, this is a genuinely intriguing talk by ‘social brand specialist’ Simon Mainwaring about what he… Read More ›

With Ten Dollars

I couldn’t have invented an ethnographic field site more perfect than the Winnipeg River. With Clark’s Corner at its center, it was every bit as iconic as William Foote Whyte’s Cornerville, Elliott Liebow’s Tally’s corner or Elijah Anderson’s a place… Read More ›

Behind the UK Riots

Sociologists living and working in the areas affected by rioting in August 2011 examine the causes and consequences of the unrest in this series of Guardian articles. In case you missed them first time round, here’s some of SI’s coverage… Read More ›