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Editorial Note

As a result of a dispute earlier today an article has been removed from the site and we’ll no longer be accepting unsolicited contributions. Today was our first experience of getting inadvertently caught up in the nasty side of the… Read More ›

Harry’s revenge

This film tells the story of Harry Brown, a pensioner living on a decaying housing estate in South London. Formerly a marine, Harry now lives a lonely life, with his wife on death’s door in hospital and few friends in… Read More ›

The Hacktivist Imagination

In The Sociological Imagination, C.W. Mills set out the essential task for sociology as he saw it. His call was simple: to search for and articulate those (casual) connections between individual social environments (what he called ‘milieux’) and the wider socio-historical forces… Read More ›

How much sleep?

In 2001, Roger Ekirch (historian at Virginia Tech) published an important paper that revealed a wealth of historical evidence that throughout our history humans used to have a different sleeping pattern from us today.  They used to have a “first… Read More ›


A quick flag up to any interested readers that the Sociology Department at the University of Warwick now has a blog and twitter feed. Although Sociological Imagination has no formal connection to the department, a number of people involved in… Read More ›

The invisible mothers

These mysterious looking old photographs were not intended to be as sinister as they may appear to us. IN order to make the best use of the technology of the time, and to achieve a well-focussed photograph of the ever-fidgeting children, photographers used… Read More ›

An information diet?

Information overload is a concept familiar to increasingly large swathes of internet users. Yet is it the right concept? In his new book The Information Diet, Clay Johnson, co-founder of the company which managed Obama’s hugely successful online campaign during… Read More ›

Review of Precious

A word of warning: this is not an uplifting film. It is however one of the rare films worthy of the epithet “unmissable”. Set in 1987, it tells the story of Claireece Precious Jones (usually known simply as Precious): a 16… Read More ›