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The ‘prestige’ of journals in a social media age

Prestige: reputation or influence arising from success, achievement,rank, or other favorable attributes. distinction or reputation attaching to a person or thing andthus possessing a cachet Journals seen as prestigious have a reputation for possessing favourable attributes: they are well managed, have high editorial standards, publish good papers. In fact all these factors are, in practice, related. They’re also seen to be related –… Read More ›

Open Culture

It’s easy to be quite sceptical of a website which describes itself as ‘the best’ in its area of specialism. In the case of Open Culture it’s almost certainly true though. Seriously check it out: the range of audio books,… Read More ›

Picturing anarchy

A fascinating and graphically illustrated story on the blog of Verso publishers about the creative energy which emerged when Colin Ward, editor of Freedom Newspaper in the 1960s (a place where lots of friends of the SI editor used to… Read More ›

The Quantified Self

In this fascinating TED talk, Gary Wolfe discusses a new hobby which digital technology is giving rise to – people collecting, reviewing and acting upon data about their own lives. With smart phones, as well as the innovative and evergrowing… Read More ›

Positive Psychology

In this fascinating talk Martin Seligman talks about the discipline he, more than any other, helped bring into the mainstream. There are lots of important theoretical, methodological and political criticisms to be made of positive psychology – check out Barbara… Read More ›