The Promise of Sociology in 2015

Earlier this month, I spoke to Nicholas Gane (Warwick) and Les Back (Goldsmiths) about an article they published in Theory, Culture & Society. It was called C. Wright Mills 50 Years On: The Promise and Craft of Sociology Revisited and, as you can see from the title, it was concerned both with C Wright Mills himself and the way of doing sociology he has come to personify. It’s the relationship between the two that has always fascinated me and it became something of an obsession after I read his letters and autobiographical writings. But what’s more important here is how his life and his work can illuminate present dilemmas facing the discipline. This is what I spoke to Nick and Les about and the conversation soon extended beyond C. Wright Mills and turned to the many continuities between his circumstances and our own, as well as how his responses to them might guide ours

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  1. Really enjoyed that, thanks. Haven’t seen Nick since York years ago.

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